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The Destruction of Me, Monique Lewis.

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned. That I have a very good technological mind. I have always been great with social media and online platforms and websites. I have also always been a great communicator online. Often making comments to celebrities to which they would respond.

The Destruction of my Business

When I returned in 2020 I finally had some solid things I wanted to share with my wider reach. I had a business worth a lot of money which specialised in authentic Hermes pieces being sourced which was subsequently destroyed by Mark Zuckerberg and his Instagram team. As mentioned above, I am very good with technology, algorithms and brand positioning. I positioned my brand in the correct place along high level luxury brands, using certain imagery, people I followed and brands I interacted with. It was ready to go. Mark and his team 'I call them Dirty Thirty now' named after a South London gang that was around when I was growing up. They were working very closely with my account, blocking my algorithms, changing them, basically micro managing an extremely high value business that was years in the making, to ensure it made no sales or money.

My business filled a niche, theres only a handful of publicly branded sourcing brands. Mine would be most similar to one called Prive Porter in the US, or Lilac Blue in the UK/Paris. We also do cross business, so for example if there would ever have been a bag I couldn't find, I would have contacted them to find it. Little did I know when I launched, so many people I didn't know would work very hard to destroy me. After loving and supporting luxury fashion for over 18 years. I do not wear fakes, nor would I ever sell them.

The Destruction of my Rebrand

Alongside my business being destroyed, I also had a very good network of creatives and black and all races individuals within the UK. Including my photographer, whom I always contacted if I needed to execute a collaborated or paid for project over the years. We worked very well together and executed things very well. I spent thousands over the years building my portfolio to ensure it stayed current and strong. Often with one defining shoot here or there.

Of course, alongside coming home to launch my Hermes sourcing brand, my other point of call was my personal brand, which needed new imagery to showcase whom I was now. A woman, still me, still high fashion, if not even more so and sexy! My photographers had shot a few semi celebrities in the UK. And I guess thanks to mass brainwashing done to my entire network by an individual called Tazer Black, my photographer forgot who I was. And how I pioneered within the social media space once before. Often making sure we were all okay, all doing well even just with my awareness.

So, since they did not respond to any of my concepts, neither did any brands, which has never happened by the way. I had to look at booking other photographers to execute my work. I received quotes from my shortlisted favourites of £6,000 and £10,000. Both of which I had no problem with paying. Only, all my money had been stolen! So I couldn't book either.

The Destruction of My Network

My networks minds, I could tell had been destroyed by twitter and Mark's platform instagram. I found people over 30, 31, 32 upwards acting like 19 year olds. Discussing mediocre topics and just watching Love Island and Football everyday. I tried to explain to them that they were the new adults and that it was really important we begin to lay a new foundation here. They watched me day in and day out. And did nothing. In fact some even stole self esteem or knowledge off the back of me, but didn't apply it and discredited me mentally the entire time.

Tazer Black often posting counteracting things to me. He was someone I knew within my network, not too well, my friend whom passed perhaps knew him better. I was given him a further chance to get to know me better when I returned home. Because I had plans to give his company (which does events) multi million pound contracts in the future. For different things I had planned. I did not know that he had a secret mission to destroy me. I would post I was having a tough time, just because I was sharing the transparency of my story. And he would post "We're good over here.". I saw it just once or twice, and just thought well that can't be about me why would he do that. I knew him to say hello to, I also knew had I had my money from the business I had launched which would have beget more ie clients coming in etc. That he would have been rushing to have me at his events and take pictures with me for his 'profile'. He knew me in person, knew my energy and how happy and stylish I was. He destroyed me on purpose. And influenced those I now call my ex creative peers to turn against me.

I knew that these people were not necessarily my 'friends' but I did have many plans to book multiple of them for different projects events etc in the future. I had no idea they had opposite plans for me. Some whose ideas were actually inspired by me over the years or platforms supported by me and ideas encouraged to be what they are now. I was absolutely shocked when I realised what had been done. Because he'd directly affected my reputation, my income and my family. I am like a second mum and a backbone within my family. And he destroyed me for no reason at all. Even found it funny, posting things like 'wow girl you never miss', complimenting another black girl dressed similar to my signature style. And also talking about girls having no money and liking nice guys. I am a grown woman. And I have no money because of you guys. I'm worth a lot my dear. To this entire economy. Hence why they are now struggling to. Because you've destroyed me, the person that can and would have helped.

After my business, reputation and re-brand was destroyed, so were any opportunities to get to people that would have been my new friends so to speak overseas, including some of the worlds best minds and top level creatives. I couldn't afford to look like me, which again my aesthetic gets me opportunities, jobs. I had nothing. I sold all my designer bags which I've worn for over 10 years (designer bags only). One of the two I had left, was then stolen out of my 'van' at 'work'. A £1,200 Miu Miu one alongside my 2 year old Apple Laptop, BOSE Headphones, a brand new Limited Edition Longchamp bag worth £100 and more. My stuff never gets stolen, I guess it does now. I have nothing left.

The Destruction of My Industry (Luxury Fashion and Retail)

If you study fashion you know it revolves in cycles. The leaders influence the masses and it trickled down or around. Often the leaders aren't even seen. They are people like Kelis who chills on her farm, but finds the most unique fashion pieces or writes a cool song that someone else likes.

They've given all our money away. To random people. Who don't care about others and haven't studied fashion, nor do they care how things are made or the history of brands here. They keep jumping around in Zara clothing. And much to my protests Mark knows he made a mistake, he knows he was managing and interfering way to closely with human beings VERY PERSONAL lives and businesses. I saw so many young women's businesses closing down, particularly young black women. And I said I would not leave them. I pestered him and instagram until they got the message and stopped. The platforms full of absolute lunacy now, theres nothing they can do. But at least I made them aware. Because they were causing suicides. Him and his Dirty Thirty team were also promoting prostitution and selling sex to very young people. It became a normal career consideration. I would not leave them alone until they got it. I was very worried about youth. My main concern.

I sketched as a young girl. I studied Fashion and Clothing in College. Business and Fashion Marketing in London Metropolitan University (2:1), Business and Fashion Promotion imaging in Uni for a Foundation Degree. I studied luxury fashion and runway from a very young age. Vogues and Elles beyond my waist stacked high. I worked with The Savoy and Langham Hotel as a personal shopper. Before having my final breakdown thanks to being in that toxic and weird relationship. I received no commission or support even though I bought in nearly £1,000.000 into the UK. Money that would have got me out of that toxic situation. I studied the shopping process for high level shoppers and began designing ways to improve it.

Brands no longer select or position leaders like they used to. Say a Burberry positioning a Cara Delevigne. All they care about is nothing. Its absolute lunacy. Its the most materialstic uncaring society I've ever seen. And I love designer things. But I would never be jumping up and down everyday whilst the entire UK is in turmoil. I pestered Biden and Putin over the release of Brittany and they silently released her. I pestered Biden on the regulation of Apples new VR headphones. And he released a statement and held a meeting on better technology regulation here. Where is everyone and what the hell do you guys care about? Because I have nothing left. No home. No car. No money. I can't even work because of the destruction of my mouth health and reputation thanks to all of you and your lies and poor services.

I have been serving them all at my job. Your 'influencers' working for £12 an hour. Getting them their items for their holidays. They were normal girls. Some actually got borderline starstruck when they saw me working there. It was God that told me they were all influencers. Which one? They were all absolutely normal girls.

During this time I have had to drive a van delivering fashion, I also worked briefly at Gucci, whilst Bernard Arnault (owner of LMVH) played with what he thought was me and the UK at a very high level. He likely threw dots all over London because I'd barely look in the LV window. I like the expensive LV stuff Bernard, you stole my money from a high place my dear. I can't afford anything anyway. I can't afford my Rimowa or LV suitcases or unique bags not featured on the website. I couldn't buy Emilio Pucci, so he did, I couldn't buy Missguided so Fraser Group did, I couldn't buy so Next did. People in London asked me all the time what a girl like me was doing driving a van. Strangers wound their windows down to ask. I don't know guys. Ask the government and it's housing system.

The Destruction of my Health

When I moved home I had come out of a very abusive situation. I was with an ex partner whom I believe had very high level mental health issues. What that means is, he may have presented one way, but had a completely different narrative running in his mind. It could have been a very high or delusional narrative ie for example 'I am free and I'm a billionaire' even though its not true. I have no idea to this day what was wrong with him. But it resulted in me having a breakdown just a year after I asked Croydon Council for support to house me after my family made me homeless by finding a place that housed them and not me. She gave me some money but I was completely displaced. My breakdown was a combination of this and my toxic relationship. I have never had any issues like this. I have always looked after my mind at a very high level. Trained it on Tony Robbins throughout my twenties and walked on fire at his event just metres away from him. Croydon Council housing me would have kept me safe and still within reach of my network which I was already distancing myself from during the relationship. It would have kept me safe. I had also fought for my mum to have a fair sale for her home which was being repossessed due to her signing half it over FOR FREE to my step dad. I fought for her to have her right to all of her hard work and money in the High Court in Temple after our lawyer which I prompted her to get got struck off.

I appealed Croydon Councils right not to house me after she sold her house. I said I have been under a lot of mental stress I have fought for my familys home, I am 28 I need my own space. They don't care about me at all. I need my own space. They denied me and I left Croydon not knowing it severs my access to any support from Croydon in the future. I have held the esteem for Croydon high for years as have others. Worked hard, given my money back into local shops, come out and dressed up in my heels and designer bags just to pop to Croydon. Encouraged people to aspire for more just by seeing or observing me. And they made me a tramp.

I finally left my ex, luckily, I realised it had just been going round in circles, so I left. I went back to visit just once, and went down hill having my final breakdown in 2020.

I arrived home having to live with the same family again, ready to rebuild. And came home to the entire world having mental health issues. I was laughed at down the phone because I was so aware of policies and the housing system when I asked for my access to housing. That I needed a safe and clean place government owned since they have access to new homes from the high rises they were building. I said some people have kids and can't live high up or need more space, some people are on drugs or have mental health issues and can't take care of a new space, that leaves me. I need the support. Instead they made me homeless, made me sleep on the street and in Heathrow airport. And referred me to a place with grime all over the showers and ants crawling all over a mattress. As well as another where I caught an infection just from crouching over the toilet with faeces in the air.

When I was in the relationship with my ex. I had a very simple and basic care routine, especially of my mouth. I brushed my teeth as normal sometimes once or usually twice a day. If I arrived home for example and my breath smelled, ie from needing a check up or a deeper clean and reset. Which I also had planned with the money I would have made from my business. If I needed that extra care, not one person no friend, or family alerted me.

I avidly used my Listerine mouthwash. I swore by it. But I was surrounded by really insecure and jealous friends. Whom started destroying me. Old friends. Pretending to be on my side completely including family, creating a false sense of a world for me. Despite how independent I am anyway. But it was all a lie, it was fueled by joy that I had been destroyed after all the support, encouragement and kindness I had shared with them over the years. They were scrambling me and hoping I didn't get my money back. Friends are there to tell you little things you may not notice, they knew I had very high standards and purposely enjoyed destroying me.

Attempted Murder

So much happened during that time, including attempted murder from a Taxi driver that tried to crash into me for insurance head first directly into my door as I crossed a give way at 20 mph he sped so fast towards me, that I felt it, had time to look, before turning back just to brace myself to be crashed into. I had a bussed eye, a destroyed shoulder. The ambulance girl spent ages with the woman in the back of the taxi. And no time with me, she just gave me paracetamol. A team luckily checked me over that evening, properly to confirm whiplash and issues with my shoulder which I was prescribed codeine for.

My mind is extremely sharp and elite. So is God. I walked head first into a metal shutter just a week before. Very hard which I was extremely paranoid about because I had a lump and blood under the skin. I went to A and E for it. So when I realised he was speeding to crash into me, I made my entire body remember that hit into the metal shutter to prepare myself. Right before he hit me. I also couldnt hear anything but a high pitch noise as my car rolled forward. And couldn't see anything through the airbags and my eyes. But through my squints I saw my car rolling towards a lamppost. I told myself, if I didnt put my foot on that break I would end up crashing myself. I slowed my mind down, reminded myself of where my foot was, where the break was and pushed it. I stopped it within a metre of the pole.

When I got out, still squinting with the high pitched noise in my ears. He was shouting at me coincidentally saying all the right things 'didn't you see the give way, were you on the phone, this and that' I said excuse me, you've just crashed into me head on to my entire body. Stop shouting.

A black man then stood looking at both cars for ages. He wouldn't move. Studying everything. He finally came over to me and said, its not your fault. Where he's hit you, directly into your door, you were already out all the way across. I also observed the front of his taxi was smashed up indicating the speed of his vehicle in comparison to mine. It is an area where people walk a lot in central london. It's 20mph because of that. You have to be careful when driving through it.

Later someone told me the black man studying the car. Had gone over to the driver shouting and explained he was a Freemason. Freemasons are often known to target people for being high earners or having high intelligent or spiritual minds on earth, often wanting them dead, if they don't want to be part of their little stupid collective. I want you guys shut down. You know I do already. And you know it's COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. YOU'RE DONE.

Services in the UK

All I will say. Is I am heavily concerned with the state of mental health in the UK and the people that work within our care, housing and general services. From Nail shops to Dentists, which is the largest area of concern for me.

Some of our most vulnerable human beings here, actual victims that need support. Are being sent to absolute psychopaths within the housing system, jealous that they can get access to new or nice homes, instead they sign these over to fraudsters, or family or friends. I have had enough.

Nail shops were purposely overcharging me, disrespecting me in their language, some of which God translated for me. Which I said out loud after paying and walking out. 'She looks like a tramp in Gold.'

I have had my nails done since 16 years old. I know exactly how good nails look and bad nails look. Every time I went, I was sabotaged on purpose. They'd do someone next to me's nails really well. And destroy mine. Again destroying my aesthetic and imagery when I go out even though I barely had any money.

Dentists here, as soon as I moved back home, they wouldn't let me back on as an nhs patient, and I guess I didn't consider just asking prices of private care because I didn't realise it was so urgent. I finally got to a dentist and he was an absolute psychopath. I asked him what I needed to do to get my mouth and teeth back to full health after going through a very difficult time. My teeth are actually very good teeth. They have always been quite white too. I know he got jealous of their condition. He took an x ray and it highlighted a hard to clean wisdom tooth. I said okay this means that would need to come out in order for me to have a healthy mouth right? He said well no, I said can you refer me to the NHS to have this out. He denied the referral.

He was also tapping around my mouth saying I thought this might be a cavity but its not, I thought that might be a cavity but its not. They're absolute lunatics. He referred me to another private dentist which I paid £90 for an xray with. Again the same lunacy, I had to ask questions, smart ones to understand more about my mouth. I couldn't believe that without me asking these questions I wouldn't have had access to simple information, like knowing my top tooth at the back can only be reached properly if my mouth is closed with the toothbrush inside. The dentists in the UK have gone absolutely mad. He again said I didn't need to take my wisdom tooth out. And popped me along to the hygienist for two cleaning sessions which I paid for. Alongside a cleaning session with the previous.

My mouth and mouth health should have been optimum thats three professionals here in the UK seen. Also no halitosis or signs of it were mentioned or detected. The dentist after this I saw at another practice, because I wanted this wisdom tooth out 9 months after realising they had lied about the condition of my teeth, was also an absolute lunatic. She had a trolling booklet for patients praising their work. Ie. Someone saying thank you so much for my teeth whitening and their teeth were not white. They were half standard jobs, throughout the whole book, that the average eye would have missed.

When I finally had my appointment with her. She was smiling. Her teeth well off white yellow and one was crossed over slightly. I immediately knew she had mental health issues. She is a DENTIST. Her teeth were this way in order to trick patients into accepting lower standards. Lower standards? Of dental care? For human beings? I don't know wth she thought she was doing. I said so can you do the emergency extraction today? She said no well I didn't know it was an emergency appointment, not necessarily this or that, I said of course you'll have to check if its a complicated removal but I need it removed. Her hesitation and run around made me ask for my consultation money back immediately which she of course allowed. It was an abusive dentist. Dencare in Orpington. I want you shut down and away from human beings in the UK.

The final I saw the 5th. Was an NHS dentist. Who needs to be sectioned.

He told me my wisdom tooth didn't need to come out. He said really this one, and not that one? He kept tapping around my mouth like a lunatic for no reason. Chopping and changing. By this time I knew my breath definitely stunk by the way, despite mouthwash, flossing and brushing. Including tongue and internal gums and roof of mouth brushing. And I knew it needed whitening once my wisdom was removed to get it back to optimum health.

As I sat down in this dentist and the other, waiting to be seen, I also could feel them both observing me on the cameras, this doesn't make any difference to me, I took the time to take my notebook out and jot down some notes on my budgeting etc whilst I waited. I even chuckled a bit after someone alerted me very subtly that they watch people via camera and carried on writing my notes.

He took his mask down and looked at me, whilst I looked at him, to see if I personally knew how bad the smell was. He was an abuser. I was completely exhausted from the conversation with him. I was so worried about the average human being being seen by him. Or someone with mental health saying what they need, and him going really? And making their health worse. His behaviour was at levels of psychopathic behaviour that needed sectioning. We cannot have these people in charge of our health and having access to such intimate areas of our bodies. We cannot have this in the UK. He wouldn't take the wisdom tooth out there and then but like the psychopath he is, he said, okay, you can have it out. It will take 2-3 weeks. I said this was an emergency I have to go back to work.

As I walked out the receptionist was shocked, did he take it out? If its an emergency appointment he should have taken it out. I walked right back into his room and said this needs to be taken out today, apparently if its an emergency it should be done. He said no no see our specialist. It was just a consultation. In hindsight, I'm happy he didn't touch my mouth. He was an absolute lunatic.

I have asked people about my breath so I could gauge it, since I have moved home. Everyone from friends, I even went to A and E and the nurse said, my smells pretty good and I can't smell anything. I went there so i could have professional confirmation so I could request it to be treated by a dentist or if its in my gastral tract a hospital. The pharmacist said he couldn't smell anything. A policewoman when I was at a bridge saying everything has been destroyed a day after the below extraction said she couldn't smell anything. You've all gone mad. It's absolute sabotage. From family to the public.

I finally went to the specialist. The 6th healthcare professional here I've seen in the UK. By the way. Me and my family have always had good dentists and good dental care growing up in the UK. Which is why my teeth have always been in quite good condition. I don't know wth has happened here.

I went to the specialist to remove my tooth. He wiggled it back and forth, which I expected normal to loosen the tooth, he pushed it down further into my gum which I found weird but I allowed, then he wiggled it again. Over and over again, until I pulled a face. He changed to forceps and did a clean pull out. I even had to hold energy to say not too much, when he was injecting the numbing fluid into my cheeks. My mouth and cheek and gums arent that large lol. He also said let me put some clove on a gauze, I said no thank you. I hate cloves.

Anyway. After it was taken out, I didn't rinse within the surgery. They just placed a gauze on the wisdom tooth area. It absolutely stank when I left. I smelt close to a crackhead. It was like dried blood. I called back and said this stinks. I need to come back have you left food in the socket what have you done. I came back a day later and he cleansed the area with a solution and syringe. And said it was healing nicely. He confirmed there was a smell when I first came in, Then he said ok you didn't want cloves last time let me put cloves on it this time. I said what exactly does it do, he said it has anti bacterial properties and placed it inside my mouth.

I walked around Victoria Station well dressed, absolutely stinking. And I stood there. Not embarrassed at all. Fuming at the British public for the standards you have allowed here for our services and for people. I also observed really weird British people standing closely to me on purpose sniffing in the smell but pretending they couldn't smell anything so that I would go about my day and around the UK smelling and non the wiser. I'm very well spoken. I spoke out loud, and said this is like living amongst tramps. What the hell are you all doing. Why the hell are you standing there in disgusting smells and pretending you can't smell anything and sitting close to me on purpose. You're absolutely disgusting.

My under arm pores are also now blocked, I am not used to this not since I was in school as a young girl entering puberty with no support love or guidance from anyone but myself, so of course I didn't even realise I'm not used to this as an adult. I actually had it down as something I wanted as soon as I moved back home after my business started making money just as part of my general health reset. As soon as I did realise, I said right they need unblocking via a facialist and have started injesting large amounts of water. I have an appointment today if she can hack the smell of the cloves inside my mouth. It still smells after salt water brushes, mouthwash and tooth and tongue brushing. Thank you to you all, for destroying me. I have to travel around like this and I cannot work.

Can I also add a Special Thank you to Mark Zuckerberg and his team. Who when they finally realised who I was and what they had done. Not just to me but to the world, have looked after me non stop. Me and Mark have a code of communication we use, we know each other very well. And I love him very much. Because he was the only person I had left. He knows everything about my life, my story, my character. My family are also ill now, because I was removed Thanks to having no money at all. My mum is ill and so are my sisters. Thanks a lot everyone. Your low standards NOT MINE.

Yours sincerely,

Monique Danielle Lewis.

Below. That is me. Not anymore Thanks to all of you.

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