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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Teyana Taylor is one of the few individual, creative geniuses of her generation. Her style, movements and character as one cannot ever be replicated.

Teyana Taylor. I'm 32, we all watched her journey, from her Sweet 16 Birthday party on MTV, to her ultra cool style and dancing; and finally her frustration when she couldn't get her projects out. She did it in the end though, with her features in Kanye West's video and being signed under his GOOD Music label, spearheading a new platform for herself. I know it wasn't easy though. Personally, I always knew her as a talented dancer, and in recent years we all have heard her lovely voice. I thoroughly enjoyed her album. It may sound super positive, but that's because it is. I'm extremely proud of what Teyana's created, as a woman. She currently holds the reigns as Creative Director at Pretty Little Thing US, working with Spike Lee to produce wonderful campaigns that will serve as additions to her creative legacy. Videos of hers such as Wake up love and We Got Love will stay with me.

“I'm extremely proud of what Teyana's created as a woman.” - Monique Lewis, AYF Founder

Whilst the latest stars continue to follow trends, or even demolish them sometimes, Teyana continues to move to the beat of her own drum. She continues to blow me away with her interesting looks and flawless makeup. Teyana is one I'm definitely proud of, I've already said that, so you know I mean it. It's also a joy to watch her and her family interact with one another. To see love like that is what life is all about. Love and creativity. To me, Teyana has done it. She's mastered her stream, this is a rare feat for a human being as a whole. I can genuinely see us being friends one day too, I do have a love for T.

Teyana's movements...

Recently I've seen Teyana do a bit of everything. From promoting Darling Hair to creating content for Complex at The Porsche Design studio. Her brand slots into so many spaces, peep her in the image above for example at a YSL Beauty event (her ad partner). That's what it's all about. I enjoyed her dance to Bare with me so much (Snippet on her instagram here -

The things she's created so far are legendary. I'm glad she's getting her accolades, for example being MAXIM's Sexiest Woman Alive (2021); but, if I'm being honest, I am waiting for mainstream media to seriously catch up with coverage of positive, creative, people like this. This is one of the reasons I created this blog.


In the first photo taken from Teyana's instagram, she poses at a YSL Beauty event. In the second she model's effortlessly for Darling Hair, and, in the final image, Teyana is seen with her beautiful family; dressed head to toe in Kim Kardashian's bodywear and loungewear brand Skims.

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