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Now, it's no secret that I have a long list of handbags that are truly overdue to


Personally, Fendi this past season or so have blown me away with their accessories. Clothes wise this most recent season and campaign I think they're hitting another meh period, but there are still accents or certain things that excite me there too.

Anyway, back to the bags. Anyone that knows me knows I have been complaining to Godjinya (God) for the longest while now. I've basically been placed in the position where I've had to sell all of my designer bags, yes ALL bar two.

It has not been a nice experience at all, but I am being patient and in the meantime I have a long list of requests that have been piling up since 2019. lol.

The Fendi Sunshine shopper being of them. After wanting the Dior Book tote for years, adapting with the times and changing my chosen version like three times, I'd had enough. So I moved on, The Fendi Sunshine shopper was what I moved on to. The ladies hadn't caught on yet either, they were still all playing with Dior's and Bottega's. Although I did see one girl with the below bag. This one below starts at £2150.

The Sunshine Shopper, £2,150 (Image via Purseblog)

Custom Fendi Baguette Kit, £2,100

This Sunshine Shopper, £9,200. I can't seem to find it at all online anymore, so I'm leaving this blurry picture here for future reference.

Look at these Fendi Straps I saw in Selfridges , I Fendi list is long. It pains me to look at them loool because I like them so much.

The Baguette's I mean... £2,150

Fendi Baguette in a Woven Leather, £2,450

Fendi First Clutch, £2150

The list goes on. I will be patient and in the meantime, I shall covet the items in this post. Shukran. lol

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