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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Top model Naomi Campbell celebrates becoming a mum for the first time on the front page of Vogue Magazine, UK, released as an iconic issue during Fashion Week.

When I saw this magazine on the shelf in person, I couldn't resist. It has been my first Vogue in years. We were all excited to learn earlier this year that Naomi Campbell had been blessed with her first child. Personally, I liked the privacy surrounding everything and even how she announced it. With a picture of two cute feet I believe. I saw it for the first time on twitter. I hope she thoroughly enjoys motherhood. Being a new mum can be a lot to manage but I would say she has a pretty awesome foundation to raise a child from at this stage. haha. How exciting!!

Naomi Campbell

“She is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.” - Naomi Campbell on her new bubba. Source: Vogue.

What can I say...

Naomi has been a prominent character for me to observe over the years. I haven't followed every single movement of hers, but HOW CAN YOU MISS HER. LOL. She is one of the world's best models and has been since she started out. If you hear how she speaks about her craft, how much effort she puts in to making sure the clothing she wears is carried on the catwalk and expressed in line with the designers wishes, she in unmatched in talent. On top of that, her character is hilarious. I used to literally search Naomi Campbell moments on youtube. She's managed to seriously navigate some negative times, including the loss of her friend and prominent designer Gianni Versace as well as fabricated media stories, yet she has still be able to stand tall, with integrity and move forward. No one can ever take her place. Also the way she celebrates our culture, I am a black woman, and she is one of the individuals I am so proud of with regards to our representation and role models within our community. I cannot tell you how much her pride in being black, and her roots, means to me. Thank you so much.

Naomi's Legacy

“I cannot tell you how much her pride in being black, and her roots, means to me.” - Monique, AYF Founder


The first image features the lovely Naomi on the front cover of Vogue UK (March 2022 issue) and the second is probably one of my favourite covers of hers. Vogue Russia from 2008.

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