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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Kim Kardashian, whom I have nicknamed Kimbella. It's just overview of my sentiments regarding Kim and her achievements over the years.

I will always give credit where credit is due. And trust me, Kim Kardashian was one of the first stars, within my generation, to demonstrate stylish, glamorous looks day in and day out in the media. Everybody else walked round in sweats, and dressed up for Red Carpet only. She, was in her Sunday best every day lol Much like me! I loved glamour, the 50's era was my favourite. I grew up purchasing ELLE's and Vogue's every single month. The stack was above my waist before I got rid of it. By the time Kim was being photographed prominently, I was also an avid follower of the world's top stylists, my favourite in particular was Kim's of course. Monica Rose. Her style was cool, but sleek, sexy and glamorous, translating beautifully in the outfits Kim wore.

“And trust me, Kim Kardashian was one of the first stars, within my generation to demonstrate stylish, glamorous looks day in and day out in the media.” - Monique, AYF Founder

Now, she hasn't always been in my good books, Kim. I don't like the way she treats Kourtney and I don't like the way she has responded to questions asked surrounding black culture in the past. That's the honest truth, there's been an arrogance I have not liked at all. But I am a true lover of art and style/expression on a high level, I have really enjoyed the looks she's put together over the years. And I have somewhat enjoyed her recent content, the acting and comedic side, I quite like Mummy Kim.

Reflecting on Kim

Kim's looks over the years, I don't even know what to say. She's churned out so much. I'm glad someone did it. I'm surprised how removed she felt from the fashion industry as well, because she WAS FASHION. I remember blogging about a specific Chanel clutch (it kind of looked like a piece of lego), a week later Kim was wearing it. She was fast with it, good with it. I think the fashion industry needed her, more than she needed them. People wanted to know what she was wearing.

This post I guess is just a celebration and summary of what she's done. I truly believe she should start curating a record now, if she doesn't already of her looks. I would love there to be a website of every single look of hers, that archive would be amazing, seriously. I even think she should create a fashion house, and actually design the collections around previous or style phases of hers. It would be very iconic. Executed to a very high level of course, with the vision for longevity in fashion as a major brand, beyond her life. One of the first looks I featured was her in a park with a leopard print belt and Giuseppe Zanotti black shoes. Some feathers somewhere, I think on a black skirt. Well done Kim.

It's also rare I see something on someone and want to try it. My style inspiration usually comes from within, even if I see it expressed on someone else and get it, it's simply because I hadn't seen it first, but it's still me (I hope that makes sense). But I will give it to Kim because she made me get something I wouldn't have otherwise, this is a very VERY rare influence to have on me lol. hahaha. It was a look, where she wore a white dress, very simplistic, and a temporary lip ring. I said, nah, that looks wicked, I want a temporary lip ring, so I got it! That was Kim haha. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise, unless I'd seen it in the shop, if I had and it was clear what it was, I would of got it loool but yup that was her! I be people shopping all the time anyway, nothing to do with the person, just the item lol.

FYI I'm so protective over my own style. Because I literally have a style that can be seen as similar to hers, but it's not! It is similar sometimes, but it's literally MY style, nothing to do with her if that makes sense. I used to look at runway shows season in and out back to back for years since I was a young teen 12/13. I'd buy what I'd gravitate towards to in the shop, I'd plan my signature look each season, not what would make me look like anyone else or what was necessarily in trend. It would happen a lot with Rihanna too, sometimes we'd have the same hair colour at the same time, not to mention my love for a thin hoop earring and a good lipstick. Anyway back to Kim...

So, when I think about fashion, style particularly, I'm truly happy that we've had Kim Kardashian's style expression on earth. As much as, like I said, my feelings about her have not always been perfect. Without knowing her personally I have found her to be many things, funny, kind, rude, arrogant, polite, hilarious - the list goes on. But Style Wise, rolodex wise (achievements) well done Kimbella.

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