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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

I love that man so much but I hate what he's wearing.

Omg. Where do I start. I couldn't bear putting a picture about the looks I'm referring to because it is that bad. lol. I'll place some below. Now if you don't know, I'm basically Kanye West's biggest fan. I used to watch rap videos on the tv as a young kid, I grew up watching Dre, Snoop etc.

But Kanye; he was the first rapper that got me actually listening to rap. From the age of 16, when College Dropout came out, he became the first rapper whose album I ever purchased.

I listened to the whole thing. I knew every song, word for word. I finally felt like I had found someone just like me. It was funny, it was how he would speak about buying things even if he couldn't afford it haha and how confident he was, yet still a lovely person, shy even. He reminded me of me.

I purchased Late Registration, Graduation, Dark Twisted Fantasy thereafter. Again I knew all the words, Late Registration is a masterpiece. Such a multi dimensional album. Having said that some albums I barely listened to if AT ALL bar it's radio hits. And, as a personal shopper I have sourced Yeezy's, but never had a desire to own a pair. I have my reasons. But I, Monique Lewis am Kanye West's biggest fan. I root for that man, like a sister roots for her brother, or like a mum roots for a child.

Now. Honestly there is too much for me to say in one post. lol. Let's just say, I have done a lot of work on myself, I have studied myself, had successes in my craft, fashion, personal shopping, styling on a large, within a small scale if this makes sense. I have also studied and observed the world, world history overviews and systems. So. When Kanye released Donda. I said okay great, it's time. Now your legacy is secured, it's time for us to take the creation up and level up. It's time for him to take that two billion and turn it into three figure billion. I literally had a plan for him, I wanted him to execute it with or without me. I was also excited, I wanted to reposition him with style.

The first step was to contact him, but straight away, I was hit with blocks when the teams I googled, all looked like him, dressed like him, I knew there was no point. I dm'ed him my plans, but then eventually got frustrated and blocked him lol. I was just annoyed. My last chance was Biggs Burke, who still has my DM in his inbox on instagram to this day. Unread, I received no response. Before I blocked Ye, I told him he was in a white man's stream, and I was right.

There's nothing wrong with a white man's stream of course, but there is when you're black! I can't explain this, I can't be bothered to expand. Kanye is basically at the top of his game. We all have our own world's that co-exist. It would be like Jeff Bezos just rolling around in a black 'world based' perspective, when he's white, had a totally different culture, he's bound to feel, I can't explain it lol all I know is that he wouldn't be operating at optimal mental and emotional strength. It's like not being at home. You can still collaborate of course, but you have to be rooted in the right stream, our individual stream basically, we all have one. He is not in his.

He's in hollywood, as much as he acts like he hates it, he's in the same one, the same stream, that made him get liposuction. I don't care if he doesn't agree. It's true. And what's worse is, he doesn't even realise all of this, because he's still outspoken Kanye and because no one around him is saying anything. Going Nobu with bloody Justin, leave that young man alone and go and link Quincy Jones whilst he's still on earth! I am so upset at his team, Pusha and those silly girls he keeps placing around him, you have NO IDEA.

I don't even know what to say. I just had a plan, and I felt like he sold himself short, with the women he began picking, the things he was wearing, I'm still very very upset. I have joked about it, but I have also worried a lot. I was even crying my eyes out one night! haha. Sorry, I have some weird connection to him, I really want to get him out of the current stream he's currently in, BADLY LOL. He's blocked everywhere so I can minimise seeing him, but when I do, lawd jesu! The recent images of him and I think her name is Chaney, literally hurt my eyes. The shoes. Omg. I can't talk about it lol. I love him so much. It's not a diss, I'm just being honest.

“I don't even know what to say. I just had a plan, and I felt like he sold himself short, with the women he began picking, the things he was wearing, I'm still very very upset..” - Monique, AYF Founder

And Kanye, why on earth do you keep collaborating with Denma! Why isn't anyone saying anything. This is literally one of the major figures within our culture, style is literally what Kanye's been known for after music. It's ruining everything, wearing all black, and masks, and bubble coats and ugly boots. I can't take it. You're a billionaire, I want you in lots of colour, amazing suits, silk shirts, prints, chains, sexy open chests, good shoes. I can't bear to see those river shoe sliders anymore lol. I love you. You annoy me so much and there's nothing I can do because I don't know you. The end.


Kanye in a Celine shirt, looking fly on stage years ago. Kanye now in a hideous Balenciaga outfit, because that's all he wears.

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