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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

So, I've loved fashion I'd say since 11/12, when I used to sketch wedding dresses in a book. I notice that a lot of my influence (before I started observing recurring runway shows), came from iconic music videos from the 90's and 00's. I also loved 50's glamour. Here are some shots of myself, and some of my favourite looks over the years.

In 2015 I flung a Acne Leather jacket over my shoulders and I believe I was wearing a Roksanda or Philip Lim dress, this was for a Liberty London newsletter feature. Ruby Woo on the lips of course!

Oh gosh, I don't actually like this picture, I wish I placed that scarf on my head, but this picture was probably taken around 2009!

Miami in 2011 next lol


Me celebrating my 31st Birthday with my bestie Harriet in Sexy Fish, Mayfair

Me in 2015, before a lot of crap in my life started. Wearing my beloved Prada heels that are now broken and no longer in my life :'(

In fact here, just watch my compilation video, because there's almost 200 photos lol

This is, Monique Lewis, Founder of the old, and this new mini version of Are You Fabulous?

Another ICONIC Music video, that included a look I never forgot was this. And I literally only found out that Legend June Ambrose styled the video in 2022!! It was funny because on top of that, I only found out about June Ambrose in 2012. Which is hilarious because I was like omg, this woman reminds me of me, her style!! Not realising she styled basically the MAJORITY of the iconic music videos I grew up on. Including that iconic look from Excuse Me Miss. I never forgot it.

This morning I have also been obsessing over Amerie's shoes in this video again. I knew every single move in this video. I watched this in 2005 when I was 14 years old and still want them again to this day. They're Gucci, of course they are LOL They appear at roughly 1.13 seconds.

So I owe it to the popping stylists at the time who placed these beautiful items in videos for my viewing pleasure haha. I then grew up on ELLE's and VOGUE's every month, sometimes I'd pick whichever one I felt was best each month to buy if I couldn't buy both. I had a stack above my waist (or near) of those, Harpers Bazaar's and Grazia's the one that started me out haha. I then went on to blogging and selecting my favourite pieces from the shows over the years, then went onto assisting stylists where you'd get the lucky job of selecting all the coats for example from specific shows and emailing all the PR's.

I have been blessed to be hidden behind the scenes on a lot of large and mini projects, from getting tights and shoes for Rihanna from our shop floor for her stylist, to packing the looks into suitcases for iconic UK Music Artists album covers. My favourite shoots though, have always been my own. I do not churn out work back to back, that's never been me, I've always liked to create the brief from scratch and invested my own money in my shoots execution! I like it executed to the highest standard, as do my team. I feel I started out with them, grew with them, even though I've taken my break, they are now the best in the UK (I believe) with their own studio (Silver Space), a real diamond of a team of photographers and mua's who I met over 10 years ago. You'll have seen some of my work within my compilation video above.

I hope you've enjoyed this post!!

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